Saturday, December 11, 2010

Edgewise Journal!

I love this one. I'm not really sure if it is because it's edgy or because it's flocked with a damask pattern. Probably three of my most favorite things!

Unfortunately, it is HORRIBLY hard to photograph! Thus, I will need to resort to website photos. :/

This journal really is a unique one! I have never seen one like it! It measures at a medium size of 6" by 9", and has 176 pages, so not too big, not too small. Small enough to fit in a purse. At almost 14 dollars, it is pretty affordable for what you're getting!

 Now onto the kickass details! The maker really put a lot of cool things into this notie. First off, are the pages! They are TWO colors! The pages in this guy alternate between a light green(almost matching the cover) and a VERY light beige, almost eggshell. The lines are brown on both page types and are not thick. In the photo below, you can see the page color as well as the 'EDGE' part of the notie!

Now, keeping on the subject of pages, they are great quality. Really smooth, and almost fountain pen friendly. Everything I used except for my super wet FP's glided wonderfully. The paper is not slick like most are, and it has a bit of grip to it if that makes sense at all. Also, there are cute designs on the eggshell pages! Even my Hi-Tec-C pens worked and those scratch up on EVERYTHIGN!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this notebook to anyone who wants something new and unusual! Orange Circle Studio makes a variety of awesome produces including planners, and many other types of journals!

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