Saturday, December 11, 2010

Galison Green Notecards

Well, I must say, these notecards are FANTASTIC! Shannon of Galison sent this little number out to me quite some time ago, but I managed to get myself rather sick, and along with overtime at work, havent had a chance to review them! *smacks self*.

Anywho, she sent me a package of The Little Blue Birds Writer's Notecards. I am so pleased with them! In fact, I only have two sets of card and envelope left!

I was completely blown away by how well these guys took to my fountain pen...even the most wet of pens! And they were great with my Pilot G2's and Hi-Tec-C's! Typically, My Hi-Tec-C pens get all scratchy if I dont use the write paper, but I had no problem with them!

These guys are from the Galison Green Collection and are made out of 100% recycled materials, so you can go green whilst you write!  The collection also includes notebooks, note pads, notecards, and more writers notes!

Now lets talk design. These are adorable.
The end. These come in two colors of card, with blue envelopes. I only had the red left!

Cute, right? The other color is shown here, via the Galison website: 
I think the cutest thing though, is the envelope! It has a little blue bird on the front, and then a blue bird and flowers on the back. Very mod-ish! The envelopes also include 'To' and 'From' and three lines a piece for return address and the postal address of whoever is receiving this fabulous note! 

Please excuse the lighting! Blackberry photos! I'm not allowed to sue the camera. :/ 

Overall, these guys are fantastic, and I do plan on purchasing another set or two once I have the money! At $11.00 for twelve notecards and envelopes, it's practically stealing! I plan on hopefully getting the William Morris Evening Garden Cards, Bon Voyage writer's notes, and perhaps even the Leaf garden set!

You can check out Galison at:  and

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